10 Reasons why you should plan a Destination Wedding in Udaipur?

Nestled in the Aravali ranges, lies the city of Udaipur with its dreamy palaces, numerous lakes and lush gardens. If you plan to get married in a pampered, luxurious and not to forget royal style, then there is no better place than Udaipur to fulfill your wedding day dreams. Planning a destination wedding in Udaipur provides you with the choicest of locations, remarkable hospitality, mouth-watering cuisine and an unforgettable experience for you and your guests. If you need further convincing then these are the top ten reasons why Udaipur is the dream destination for yo'ur dream wedding.

1. Get married in a Palace

The city boasts of palaces and forts such as the City Palace, Devigarh Palace, Fateh Prakash Palace and many more which provide the perfect blend of past and present. Equipped with all the modern facilities but retaining an old world charm, these palaces provide perfect venues for your dream wedding. Other than these royal heritages master pieces there are a lot of modern 5 Star properties built on traditional Rajasthani architecture, style & theme to give you a blend of modern comfort at par with international standards along with a traditional look and feel.

2. Beautiful Lakes

The landscape of Udaipur is dotted with lakes which provide a surreal setting for you wedding. The Taj Lake Palace and Jag Mandir are located on an island in Lake Pichola, where you can get married amid the lapping and serene water of the lakes. Also you will love the beauty of Fatehsagar Lake, Swaroop Sagar Lake, Goverdhan Sagar Lake etc. from a no. of amazing Hotels and Resorts of Udaipur. Take a boat ride in Lake Pichola and Fatehsagar Lake to feel the spirits of Udaipur. If you are truly a Lake lover, do not miss Lake Jaisamand which is some 50 Kms away from Udaipur, it’s one of the largest lakes in India.

3. Picture Perfect unique views of the World

Unforgettable destinations create unforgettable memories and this is what you will experience in Udaipur. You will forever remember the views of palaces on mountain tops, of lush gardens, of brimming lakes and a vibrant local culture. The laid back setting will turn the stress of wedding management into the joy of vacation.

4. Professional Event management agencies

With Udaipur increasingly becoming a favored destination for wedding, many professional event management agencies have come up to meet this growing demand. They can expertly handle all the arrangements, while you relax and enjoy your wedding without any stress. Just google “Destination Weddings in Udaipur” and you will find a range of service providers.

5. Professional Photography and Videography

Picture perfect views call for photographers who can capture your best moments with such flare that you want to revisit them again and again. Udaipur has no dearth of talented photographers and they will ensure that your dream wedding is captured in the most perfect way. Udaipur is a paradise for photography enthusiasts from all over the world. Pre-Wedding shoots are very popular in Udaipur, even couples who do not get married in Udaipur, plan the pre-wedding shoots here.

6. Experience the amazing Rajasthani hospitality

Rajasthan is famous for its hospitable culture where guests are treated with the highest regard. Udaipur provides you with the sample of this hospitality where you can be assured that every comfort and luxury will be provided for your guests and they have an unmatched experience. ‘Padharo Mahre Desh’ meaning ‘Welcome to my Country’ is written in the hearts of every citizen of Udaipur.

7. Well connected by Road, Train and Air

Udaipur has an international airport and is connected with all the major cities of India through a network of well-developed roads, trains and air routes. It is well connected by daily flights with Jaipur, Mumbai and Delhi.

8. Safe and Secure environment

The city boasts of low crime rates and locals are helpful and considerate in nature. The city is tourist friendly and you can visit the places without any fear. The police have tourist helplines and are very particular about tourist safety.

9. Numerous Tourist attractions

While in Udaipur you can visit its numerous palaces, lakes and gardens that are a favorite among tourists. Famous attractions like City Palace, Sajjangarh, Kumbalgarh Fort, Ranakpur Temple, Pichola Lake, Chittorgarh Fort, Nehru garden etc. draw thousands of tourists every year. If you are planning your wedding in Udaipur, your guests will not be confined to just a few buildings and will be able to enjoy all the wonderful places of the city. They will truly cherish all the memories collected here throughout their life.

10. An unforgettable experience

The best day in your life deserves a setting which is the stuff of dreams and Udaipur is one such setting. You can be assured that your wedding is the talk of the town with your guests loving every moment of it and having the time of their lives. Udaipur’s uniqueness and romantic charm will definitely give you and your life partner a beautiful start of togetherness.

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