Experience the British Era Charm at The Bungalow

The Bungalow Udaipur situated at New Fatehpura at a short distance from “Saheliyon Ki Badi” is ideal for big family dinners or cozy private dinners. It has a seating capacity of around 100 Diners. The cuisines' served are Indian, Continental, and Indo-Chinese. 


The Story…

Udaipur is a city of royals with an old world charm that attracts people from all over the world. The love of heritage has deeply seeped in our minds and we love anything that transports us to the world of royalty and luxury. The Bungalow restaurant attempts to do the same, although taking its inspiration from a different era and style. The whitewashed colonial bungalow decorated with a distinct English taste takes you to a time when the British still ruled India. It is unique in this sense because most of the hotels and restaurants display the ethnic Rajasthani style in their architecture and services. However, owners Mr. Shailendra Rathore and Mr. Arayaveer Shakhtawat charmed by the property decided to décor it in the way British bungalows were done. As Mr. Rathore explains, the word Bungalow is a derivation from the word “Bangla” which is what the British used to call their homes when they first landed on the shores of Calcutta 200 years ago. Mr. Rathore has a background in marketing and has previously worked with big Tea companies and then later pivoted to the tourism industry, organizing tours for international clients. While Mr. Shakhtawat has done his masters in Hospitality management from New Zealand and has worked with major hotel chains there. After a brief stint in the banking industry, Mr. Shakhtawat headed back home and joined Mr. Rathore in opening The Bungalow. With a collective experience of 27 years, Mr. Rathore and Mr. Shakhtawat want to provide the locals with a place where they can easily reach relax and have a good time with their loved ones. They had many options at their disposal in terms of selecting the location for their restaurant. They reviewed properties in Delhi and Jaipur but ultimately selected Udaipur because of Mr. Shakhtawat’s personal connection as well as because of Udaipur’s reputation as a tourist city. Even though the restaurant is only two months old, it is carving a space for itself by introducing the people to new tastes and experiences.

Where did the story lead?

Mr. Rathore and Mr. Shakhtawat’s dream materialized in the form of The Bungalow. The interiors of the restaurant are done keeping in mind the English bungalow but here and there on a tapestry or on a table lamp, you will find the Indian touch. The restaurant has the capacity to host 100 people and provides the guest the option to choose from different seating areas. They have separate rooms where one can host a private party as well as an al fresco seating area where one can enjoy a balmy summer evening. They also have a lounge area where one can relax with a drink.

The Bungalow provides a vast array of vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes to choose from. The menu consists of local and India dishes, continental dishes and a fusion of Indian Chinese cuisine known as Indo-Chinese. In vegetarian dishes, their “Dahi ke Kabab” and “Honey Chili Potato” are quite famous and in non-vegetarian dishes their “Murg Jalebi Kabab” is very well liked by its patrons. There are also local favorites “Gatte ki Sabzi” and “Laal maans” on the menu. The taste and flavor is set according to the preference of the local people. Apart from these guest favorite dishes their menu is very extensive and provides the guest with a lot of options to choose from.

Why should you visit?

Since Udaipur is the city of lakes, most of the hotels, restaurants, and café are situated by the lake especially Lake Pichola. Tourists also like to eat with a view and thus the lakeside restaurants are the preferred destination for eating. But, there is a major hurdle; they are not accessible by cars or a big vehicle, thus causing inconvenience to the guest. If one has to reach these restaurants the most viable option is by foot. This becomes a problem for big family dinners where elderly people are also present and who cannot walk a long distance. For such occasions, most of the families prefer a place where they can easily reach by car.

Situated in the heart of the city, The Bungalow is easily accessible by any mode of transport. The owners’ major reason behind choosing the location was its easy accessibility. The Bungalow has a wide parking space in front of it and can easily accommodate cars as well as multiple tourist buses. Its close proximity to “Saheliyon ki Badi” which is a major tourist attraction provides an added benefit. After sight-seeing, tourists can easily reach here for a relaxed lunch. The place definitely doesn’t provide the guests with the view but it makes up for its lack view by providing its guests an atmosphere of relaxation and calm.

The restaurant is made up of several different rooms and the seating arrangements are done especially keeping in mind the need for families and privacy. If you want to have a big family get together, you can have a dining area entirely for your own use ensuring privacy and giving your family the space to have fun just like at home but outside home.

Apart from these facilities, the food is mouth-watering and there are some unique dishes that you can try. It is an ideal space for parties, a romantic date or just a small get together. Families as well as couples can enjoy here alike. The owners and the staff are friendly and attentive ensuring that you have a great experience. So, next time when you want to try something different try The Bungalow.

To know more about the place visit: https://www.venuezz.com/venues/udaipur/the-bungalow-udaipur-restaurant

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