Dialogue Cafe : For the love of Punches!

Founders, Mrs. Rashmi Tamboli and Mr. Anurag Tamboli

What do you get when you mix, a love for great punch lines and great food? A café apparently! Dialogue Café at 100 feet road was started by a couple who wanted to break away from the monotony of standard café chains and bring something of their own to the city of lakes. From these musings was born one of the first themed café of Udaipur. Owners Mr. Anurag Tamboli, a graduate in Human Resource management and Mrs. Rashmi Tamboli, an M. Sc. holder wanted to change the café scene in Udaipur.

Sure, earlier also there were cafes in Udaipur but most of them were located in the old city catering to foreign tourists. The Tambolis wanted to change this and cater to the locals and hence chose 100 feet road as their preferred location, which at the time they started was just a long stretch of nearly deserted road. But it would be right to say that they sought of bought a café revolution to the place because after they opened, the place started bustling with all kinds of cafes and eateries. They still continue to spring up (and close) at dizzying rate. Mr. Tamboli says that this idea of a themed café sprang up from the need to bring something new to the city. They wanted to open a space for the youth of the city which would be a fun place to hang out with their friends. Keeping this in mind, they wanted the café interiors to be something with which the youth would associate and thus, they decided to decorate the café with famous punch lines so, that the customers could enjoy them while creating some of their own.

“When we went out of Udaipur, we liked something in terms of food and setting but when we came back, there was no such place in the city that could give us a new experience. So, we decided to bring that experimentation to the food scene in Udaipur”

Experimentation sure they did bring, whether be it with their quirky interiors or with their equally quirky food menu. The walls are decorated with catchy slogans and punch lines. The cushions are printed with unconventional titles. They also have placards printed with these titles so you can be clicked as a “Drama Queen” or a “Pathaka” depending upon your choice (and your friends). Oh! And did we mention they also have some props like a pirate cap so that you can fulfill that long held of wish of looking like a pirate and get clicked in the costume. This self-styled photo booth is very famous with their customers who can’t seem to stop themselves from indulging in their photo fantasies. Mr. Tamboli says that the interiors are not just famous with their customers but also with big hoteliers who are quite impressed with the setting of the café and sense a professional hand behind it. But contrary to their beliefs, the café is designed by the owners themselves and symbolizes their love for the unconventional and the quirky. The café has spawned similarly themed and designed cafes across the city.

“Customers love our wall that is decorated with slogans and getting a picture there is a must. We have seen many pictures taken with this wall and our customers are quite happy with our interiors.”

The spirit of experimentation is not just limited to their interiors and extends to food also. Their menu boasts of items such as freak shake (a concoction of shake, ice-cream, jam, jelly, chocolates, and lollipop), in which will you find something new with every sip. It might as well give a foodie a foodgasm. They plan to bring this shake in 6-7 flavors more. They have changed your regular pasta by making it a filling in sandwich and this pasta sandwich is well liked by its customers. They have a large variety of shakes and sandwiches and their Dialogue Special sandwich is worth a try. Their range of beverages is also more than a normal café and therefore, if you are looking for just a good coffee or something new to try, you can be assured that you will get it here. They are coming out with a new food menu very soon and we can expect more such quirky food items. The prices are bit on the upper side than other cafes in the locality but the owner insists that this is just because they want to serve their customers with quality food and always bring about innovation in the menu.

It is a perfect destination to organize a fun party and you can be sure to have some memorable and sharable moments captured on your reel. The café is attracting not just the youths and selfie enthusiasts but also professionals who like to work with some music. The café has all the facilities like free Wi-Fi, books and games. It runs regular promotions and offer discounts. Even though the café doesn’t have a large floor space, the owners are smitten with the place and wouldn’t leave it for any other location in the city. The competition has certainly increased with the sheer number of eating places that have cropped up in the neighborhood, giving customers ever the more choice and variety both in terms of price and food, but the Tambolis believe that they have something unique to offer to its customers and their customers also love them. Customers have generally given them positive reviews on food review websites and they continue to see good footfalls. They have successfully completed a year recently and plan to be there for the long haul. Discussing their future endeavors, they plan on national expansion with Ahmedabad, probably being the first location. But for now they have a dedicated customer base in Udaipur. So if you are someone who is like “Aadate kharab nahi hai, shauk nawabo wale hai” then head to Dialogue café to fulfill those “shauks”.

To know more about the place visit: https://www.venuezz.com/venues/dialogue-cafe

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